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Friday, October 05, 2007

Thunderbird, Global Warming, Ultra Sound

Anyone find it strange that it was 84° degrees in Mid-Michigan in October? Global Warming is a hoax and Al Gore is full of it, but its 84° in October in Michigan and its been hot all week and will continue this weekend. This is hot weather for Kentucky this time of year. In about ten years I think we will know who is right Al Gore's sources or Exxon's "experts." I plan to still be blogging ten years form now, if I don't get bored and lose interest, so check back here on Oct 5 2017. I willing to bet Al Gore will be proven right (Our pollution is attributing to the majority of Climate Change) to but it will be too late. But at least I will have bragging rights. I am willing to even bet someone, bring it on Deniers! Check Out World View of Global Warming

Ok. Enough of my rant. Today we had another Ultra-Sound of our little girl. I feel so different about this baby, I don't know if it is because its a girl, or because we are more prepared, but the anticipation is driving me crazy. I have even been having baby dreams. All I know is I must be boring the crap out of all my friends who don't have kids. I remember that before I had children I could not stand it when strangers prattled on and on about kids and their mundane activities, I now I never can shut up about mine.


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