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Saturday, September 22, 2007

How George Bush became the new Saddam

I know I must either bore everyone or depress them with my postings and news article references about the Iraq war/occupation. Blogging is a way for me to vent publicly without having to do it directly at or to someone. I try not to berate my friends and family too much with all my thoughts on Bush and Bagdad. However I keep reading about the unconscionable actions of the White House, the industrial/military complex, private contractors, Iraq militias, Al Queda, the list goes on.
A Canadian magazine Macleans has a well written article that spells out exactly what Bush policy is doing to Iraq and its similarities with some of Saddams tactics.

Patrick Graham writes:

When Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the multinational force in Iraq, appeared before Congress with Ambassador Crocker to testify about the results of President Bush’s “surge” strategy, he talked a lot about these tribal militias and the success of Anbar. It is the only progress the U.S. has made in Iraq for years. It’s unclear whether the additional 30,000 troops that make up the surge have had much effect on the Anbar Awakening. But watching Gen. Petraeus, I was struck by how familiar his words sounded. The general talked like every Sunni I’ve ever met in Iraq—hell, he sounded a bit like Saddam. The old tyrant would have had one of his characteristic chest-heaving guffaws watching Petraeus as he intoned the old Baathist mantra about the dangers to Iraq: Iran, Iran, Iran. Bush took up Gen. Petraeus’s views a few days later in a nationally televised speech about Iraq, in which he talked about the threat Tehran posed. It seems that Petraeus and Bush have come to the same conclusion as Saddam: the main enemy is Iran, and you can’t govern Iraq without the Sunni Arab tribes, even as you encourage anti-Iranian nationalism among the Shia. This is what Saddam did during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, and what Washington is trying to do now.

I encourage anyone to read this article. It is a long one but worth every word.


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