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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blackwater Killed as many as 28 Iraqi Civilians over the Weekend

From Media Mouse

Since this past weekend when mercenaries with the private mercenary firm Blackwater USA massacred as many as 28 Iraqi civilians, there has been increased attention placed on the private security company. While the Iraqi government has said that it is considering banning the company from Iraq, the United States government has been resistant to such efforts. Currently, contractors in Iraq have immunity from prosecution as part of a law implemented by the United States under the reign of L. Paul Bremer.

Many people in West Michigan are unaware of the fact that Blackwater USA has a strong West Michigan connection, with the company being formed by Erik Prince, the son of the wealthy and politically influential Prince family of Holland. Moreover, Prince is the brother of well-known Republican Party and conservative activist Betsy DeVos.

As part of the increased attention on Blackwater USA, a number of Media Mouse's pages pertaining to Blackwater and Erik Prince have been receiving significant traffic. In order to make these resources easier to find, here is a list of all of the material that we currently have on Blackwater and Erik Prince: here

I know I have posted about Blackwater before, but I feel it needs more attention.


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