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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Battlestar Galatica

This show stared right around when Sam was born. I think they aired it on Friday nights at 11pm and there was now way I could stay that up that late anymore. Babies do that. No longer will you sleep in on Saturday. Even now 7am is sleeping in for us. Millinium cable wich sucks because we don't even get the SciFi channel most of the time. Millinium puts G4 and SciFi with their sports channels. How stupid is that? I will not even play most video games because they are too much like sports, that is how much I could care.
Anyway Anne's coworker lent us the first season of the more recent Battlestar and we are going to watch it tonight. I am so happy. And now we have a television that you can see everything on. When the first season aired I could not tell what was going on half the time because our television screen had lost most of its brightness.
Have I bored the crap out of you with this post? If so may I suggest watching Battlestar Galatica.


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