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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Painting House Rambling.

Drove to Grand Rapids and helped my friends, Chris and Kasey, paint their house. Brought Sam along so I only scraped and painted about one side of the house. It was a very good color choice. Olive (hey now I like that name) . We got free food and baby clothes out of it, plus I got to see many close friends. I am glad Ryan and Jeremy made it but I wish I could have talked too them more. Saw Chris's parents for the first time in ages. They do not seem to have aged at all. Stopped by my parents and saw my Mom too. Sam played outside some more and then we drove home. Grandville and Grand Rapids look different now. In the seven years since we moved away much has changed both place are almost unrecognizable to me. It seems so crowded now too, how many shopping malls can a community have before it is over saturated? Lexington Kentucky was the same way, it just kept building up and out and with the same franchises as here. Every place you go looks exactly the same in our country these days. Wow I am rambling. And I have probably pointed out all this cupcake land stuff out before. Sorry.
Anyway my arms are sore from the very little work that I did.
Tonight I saw a move with my brother-in-law. Shoot 'Em Up: It was ridiculous, over the top, but fun. Not as fun as a Tarantino action movie. I would not see this move again and I would only recommend it for big screen viewing. The long drawn out gunfights would be loud, dizzy and obnoxious to watch at home.


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