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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Reading #1

Don't always agree with Bill Maher, but he always makes me laugh and he is always angry about the right issues.
New Rule:Stop Saying Iraq is Another Vietnam, it's Another Enron by Bill Maher. From The Huffington Post

James Dobson and pals are crying in their cool-aide. The Two Republican front-runners are not making the grade for the evangelical elite. Mitt does not believe in Jesus the right way and while Giuliani is pro Armageddon, a plus for these End Time, the former New York Mayor is not interested in nationalizing a woman's uterus nor has Rudy bashed gays. What kind of assholes are Dobson and his super secret club the Council for National Policy? They can not give support to any of the other hardcore GOP Christian candidates, like Brownback, because none of them even have a chance of winning the primary, so instead they are threatening to support a third party candidate. I wish they would, and I sometimes feel the rest of the Republican party would love to shed themselves of the Religious Right, but they can not afford to loose all those wonderful 'values voters' who are so easily manipulated. You can always count on the Fear and Hate crowd. Read it here.Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort by David D. Kirkpatrick of The Caucus: Political Blogging from the New York Times

I picked up the latest issue of RoolingStone. You have to search for it at Meijers. I swear they try to hide it. The corporate media always focuses on those Pork Belly projects and Ear Marks. And the conservative talking heads try to whip up their base by telling stories about Welfare Queens and "People Who Cheat the System." Been a Social Worker for almost ten years and have yet to find anyone who is poor or ill "cheating the system". Very little light is shed on the over-fed military industrial complex and the billions of dollars that are wasted or conned on nonfunctional programs and impossible weapon designs.
Read This

The Shield: Inside the Stars Wars Scam Our new missile defense system, brought to you by the same crew who brought you the Iraq War By Jack Hitt of RollingStone


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