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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pilot Knob and Deuteronomy!

I believe this is a photo I took of Pilot Knob in the Bluegrass State. Poor Michigan has no Knobs. Not my best photograph. I hope I get a second chance someday to take a better one. The day I took it was humid and hazy not the best weather, but I had fun going around taking random shots with my friend Tiffany.
I recently took some more black and white pictures of Sam and will post them soon.
Still reading the Bible, half way through Deuteronomy. It seems to me that the first four books of the Bible have very little to do with morality, God's love, or even . It is very apparent that the primary message of these first books is that only the Levites, God's chosen people have a right to live in the land of Israel. I hope to touch on more what I have read. I am trying to read with an open mind and heart, I guess it is no surprise that I can not come to terms with a fundamentalist interpretation, but when I actually sit and read the Bible it only confirms that the Bible can not be completely inspired by God, inerrant or infallible.


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