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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Avengers #35

I can't quit my addiction to comic books, and sometimes it is hard to find a good one. New Avengers, issue 35 pictured here, is turning out to be one of my all time favorites. This cover is awesome, and Wolverine does not even appear until the last page, so thats even better. I wish I had started collecting the title from the beginning, but I did not catch on until about issue #27. I wish more of the X-titles good be this good.

Speaking of comics, the movie based on 30 days of night is coming out on the 19th. I am hoping to see this, never read the graphic novel but the story is so awesome. Vampires migrate to Alaska to enjoy thirty days of darkness. I am not totally into horror movies unless it involves vampires, zombies, giant monsters, or Anthony Hopkins. I love many of Stephen King's books and have most of them in hard cover. His books do not always translate well into movies. However, the Mist, based on a short story, comes out November 21. From what I have seen it looks fantastic and very reminiscent of the originally story.


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