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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baby Update

Anne is going to get an ultra-sound tomorrow evening. We will find out if Sam will have a little brother or sister. Some people like to be surprised, but thats too muck excitement for us. Besides it would help with the name choosing and figuring out how to decorate the baby room. After the ultra-sound we are going to to go see the Simpsons Move, hope it is good.
Anne will be traveling to Washington D.C. for her job. I am sort of jealous.
I got to meet Thom Hartman last week, and got a signed copy of his book Screwed. Its a great read, he knows his stuff. I watched most of the You Tube Debate. I am still backing Obama. I think he is the best choice. I wish some would ask about what the candidates plan to do about the shrinking Middle Class. Perhaps they are saving that question for the Republicans.


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