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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sam Update

Been a while since I posted, and I have not been keeping in touch as of late. Our computer is getting slow and I have been busy with family and friends. These past two weeks have great. I got to spend some quality time with my son. Sam is pretty much potty trained now so we will be saving money on diapers, until the next child arrives in December. I can not believe Anne is already in her second trimester. We will most likely know if we are having a boy or girl by the end of the month. Our favorite names right now are Marigold or Marcella if it is a girl. Oliver or Maxwell for a boy. I am not sold on Max because of the comic and video game Sam and Max. Anne says I am the only person who remembers these cartoon detectives. Sam was a Dog and Max was a Rabbit.
Two weeks ago We traveled to Kalamazoo and saw our friends Jay and Laura. We all took Sam to see the robot dinosaurs at the Kzoo Village museum. It is a great place to take your kids. As you can see by the photographs Sam was a little startled by the growling dinos. When I told him they were just robots, it did seem to make him any more comfortable. "Oh they are Robots!"
Last week end we finally got to see our Grand Rapid friends Chris, Kasey, Ryan and Jeremy. Sam kept confusing Ryan for his "Uncle Al-EX". Chris and Kasey brought their new baby Amelia. She is so beautiful. Now Anne really wants a girl. I don't think there has been a Barna girl in 2 generations.
Sam has this game he likes to play when we take him to the park. He pretends to fly Anne and I around to visit different places. Usually we go and visit Dinosaurs and Uncle Alex.
I am going to try to get back into myspace and bloging. I keep finding lost friends, but it is hard to keep up with messaging and bulletins. I am going to try and get more current with all of this.
Chris gave me some Lost and Heros episodes. I am on the second season of lost, having harder time getting into Heros. Also the new JJ Abrams project coming out next year has got me all geeked out. Check out the Official Trailer
Hope everyone is having a great summer like us. Hope to talk to everyone soon.


At September 08, 2007, Blogger Fatima said...

facebook is really cool too. i have recently gotten into that.


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