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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ignorance Museum Opens in Kentucky

I miss living in Kentucky it is a beautiful state, I made many friends there who i miss very much. It pains me to see that a Museum honoring false science and anti-reason. Bluegrass Roots has a great post on a visit to the 27 million dollar Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. Keep in mind that while these fanatics fight to "put God/Prayer back in Public Schools" they are also busy eroding the basic foundations of Science and History in the name of Jesus. God and prayer never left the public schools, by the way, it just can not be school/state sanctioned and thank God for that. If you don't believe me about the science and history crack open a public school text book. It is my understanding that in Kentucky and other state public schools they are not allowed to use the word evolution, but only "change over time". The Creationists need a dumbed down science in order for their straw-man arguments to get a footing. Anyhow enough of my rant. Here is an excerpt :

Two of my heretical friends and I ventured an hour north up I-75 from Lexington, just short of Cincinnati, to discover a museum full of shocking idiocy and unintentional humor.

Early in the museum, the visitor is given advice on the proper mind frame to have for your visit: “Don’t think, just listen and believe”. As you can see in the picture below, Human Reason is the enemy and God’s Word is the hero. Descartes represents Human Reason, saying “I think, therefore I am”. But God tells us there no need to waste your beautiful mind, for God says “I am that I am”.


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