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Monday, June 11, 2007

Pass the Onion Rings, the Sopranos Ends

Apparently many devoted fans are angry and/or disappointed with the Sopranos finale. I have been mulling over the ending today with the Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" repeating in my head. I am content with the open-ended closure to a incredible and incomparable series. Part of me expected a Reservoir Dog shoot out or a Godfather III tragic death. Say what you will about the cut to black but it could have been worse with a predicable or copy-cat end. The tension building up to the end leads the viewer to believe Tony is about to be arrested or "whacked." Many have pointed out Bobby's reflection on death in the first episode of this last season "I bet you never hear it when it happens." And didn't Tony say to Sil in an different episode "in the end everything goes black." Someone else pointed out it was the viewer that "got whacked" when the screen went blank, I think this theory is the best. It is still a great season and a great series, I think those who are most upset are those who do not appreciate the more subtle qualities of the show. It can't always end with guns blazing.
At least I still have that other crime family to watch, the one scheduled to end in 2009.


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