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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saddam Death Watch

Well I guess we can all eat victory cake now that Saddam is going to be hanged. I am just waiting for the Faux News countdown clock. This catastrophic occupation of Iraq keeps getting sicker and sicker. The State of Michigan has lost over 100 troops now, five of which were all killed within a 24 hour period. I have not seen any coverage of this fact in our local paper or television. Too depressing and not interesting enough for anyone other than us bloggers I assume.
Recently someone close to me described Bush as a 'shrewd businessman.' This statement has been rolling around my head for weeks. There are two major things wrong with this description. 1). In the Six years of Bush we have yet to witness one discerning or savvy decision. 2). Every enterprise Bush the 2nd has lead has resulted in a failure that required his daddy's friends to bail him out. I wonder who who will bail us out of this mess?
Shrewd Businessman? Donald Trump is a shrewd businessman, maybe. George W. Bush is an untreated alcoholic with religious delusions who continues to lead our troops, our country, and our world toward a cataclysm. He is operating outside of reality, and does not appear to be conscious of the disastrous results of his actions and choices. Bush and crew continue to try linking Saddam to their conflated and ill conceved 'War and Terror'. Does Saddam deserve to die? Probably, but his death will only fuel the flames of distrust and division within Iraq. His execution will be another hyped pseudo success in an ocean of failure.
After pretending to listen during his listening tour of overdue study groups, Bush will emerge from his Cool Ranch Western White House and gives us his new direction for Iraq. The direction will still be backwards, only faster.


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