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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Refuting Dobson

One of my favorite blogs is Talk To Action, a great resource in monitoring the religious right. Recently at TTA Frank Cocozzelli posted an article on Dr. James Dobons latest vilification of Liberals. For decades Dobson and others of his ilk have been given a free pass when they categorize Liberals, Democrats, or any other non-fundamentalist as moral relativists. The claim that any one religion or political party is a repository of moral judgment, ethical behavior, or family values is insulting to anyone with just a smidgen of intelligence. Dobson was on Larry King late last month and once again spouted the lie that the "Left" has no moral code or sense of right or wrong. Larry "softball" King made no effort to challenge Dobson's claim.
Cocozzelli points out that Dobson and other dominionists love to use terms like moral relativism as a way to paint Liberals, or anyone in opposition, as immoral creatures. When these fallacious statements to go unchallenged we allow unjustified and unqualified people control important debates about our country, world, and our children's future. Check out Talk to Action.


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