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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Big Story: Iraq or Missing Climbers?

By NIR ROSEN from IraqSlogger
The U.S. TV news networks have provided exhaustive coverage of the nine-day search for the three (now two) missing mountain climbers in Oregon, while on several days providing less coverage of the war in Iraq.
Both stories tragic. One story new and different and dramatic. The other story old and horrific and the focus of the attention of U.S. leaders, many Americans, and much of the world.

During the nine days of the search for the missing climbers on Mount Hood, here is what happened in Iraq:

-- Iraqis killed: 600+

-- U.S. military killed: 27

-- U.S. military wounded: 400+

-- Cost to U.S. taxpayers: $2.5 billion

You do not need me to tell what a joke cable news has become. I am sorry for these climbers but why are we still climbing mountains anyway? Why put your life, your family, and rescue personnel at risk for a cheap thrill? My goal for 2007 is to photoshop myself on the peak of Mt. Hood. It will be breathtaking and no lives will be lost.


At December 21, 2006, Anonymous Dave Alpert said...

Yeah. I, too, was a little put off by all the coverage. I wrote a slightly different take here. For sure, you are correct. All the yapping about these three guys and all the while, a war rages on abroad.


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