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Monday, May 22, 2006

My Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

People who lack imagination or just have pain old xenophobia tend to blame the victim. Yes, the illegal immigrant or undocumented worker are the victims because they are being exploited on both sides of the border. Privatizing and militarizing the U.S. border is not going to stop the flow of illegal border crossing. Instead of focusing on the "illegal" immigrant the government needs to put pressure on the "illegal" employers who hire them. Undocumented workers are not doing the work U.S. citizens refuse to do, they are doing the jobs U.S. citizens refuse to due for less than minimum wage. Neo-Conservatives love the idea of the bogus "guest-worker" program. Both Bush and the Republicans are ignoring the real solution to the titanic problem, because it helps them drive down wages and gives even more leverage to the corporate elite.

One thing that defiantly will not help the situation on the border is the vigilante "Minutemen". The only thing worse than corrupt authority is arbitrary authority. Racists who wrap themselves in the American flag and spew paranoid vitriol towards the hungry and the desperate, are not heros or patriots. Their hate and fear inspired solutions are almost comical if they were not so dangerously stupid. These Minuet Minded Minutemen & Minutewomen need to stick with building fences around their house and staying home. They are not helping anyone.


At May 24, 2006, Blogger AB AB said...

hear, hear! Illegal immigrants etc.
Love you sweetie, thanks for watching Sam
<3 Anne
you know I had to get a blog to make this comment? Sheesh!


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