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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Published: Saturday May 6, 2006

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In his latest column set for Sunday's New York Times, Frank Rich, the former chief drama critic for the paper, slams the movie United 93 for exploiting tragedy and rewriting history, RAW STORYhas found.

But Rich concedes that such exploitation is just "business as usual."

"This is America, for heaven's sake," Rich writes.

Also, Rich argues that, despite the movie's flaws, it isn't "too soon" for such a film to be released to the theaters, but, instead, "too late," since it had been preceded by two television movies and the message about the specific background of the hijackers from 9/11 has been "diluted" by the Bush Administration.

Rich writes.

Excerpts from Rich's column entitled "Too soon? It's too late for United 93" from Sunday's Times:


Don't feel guilty if you, like most Americans, have not run or even walked to see "United 93."

The movie that has been almost unanimously acclaimed as a rite of patriotism second only to singing the national anthem in English is clinical to the point of absurdity: It reduces the doomed and brave Americans on board to nameless stick figures with less personality than the passengers in "Airport." Rather than deepening our knowledge of them or their heroism, the movie caps an hour of air-controller nail-biting with a tasteful re-enactment of the grisly end.


We also practice denial by manufacturing vicarious and symbolic victories at home to compensate for those we are not winning abroad. Two major liberties taken with the known facts in "United 93" -- sequences suggesting that passengers thrashed and possibly killed two of the hijackers and succeeded in entering the cockpit -- are highly cathartic but unsupported by the evidence.

In its way, the Moussaoui prosecution conducted its own Hollywood rewrite by exaggerating the stature of the only person to go to trial for crimes related to Sept. 11.

---I have not had the interest in seeing this move. A day does not pass without remembering 9/11. Sadly not enough Americans realize that the victims of 9/11 continue to be exploited by the Bush Administration and the Neo-Conservatives. The short shortsightedness, short attention-span, and poor understanding of why and how 9/11 happened will ultimately be our undoing.---


At May 07, 2006, Blogger RC said...

i guess someone's gotta complain, but i can't disagree more.

--RC of

At May 08, 2006, Blogger Destiny said...

For my mental health to stay intact I will not watch this movie. I see every day the hole that was once the WTC and can rememer the smell and debris flying in the air days after it happened. I guess I can see the attraction for those who do not live in NYC, but having lived here and seeing the truth and the funeral homes with packed parking lots day after day (the news did not cover the scope of this disaster in full), I would rather just not see it. I could not go to work for a month after it happened.


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