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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Best Movies 2008

I have been searching for best movie lists for '08 and the only one I found so far is Harry's Picks For The Top Ten Films of 2008!!! from Ain't it Cool News Check the link for is reviews. I added my own two cents.

MAN ON WIRE-A recommended Documentary. The Twin Towers and a tight rope.

10. BURN AFTER READING-Saw it, not the best Coen film but they can't all be masterpieces (Fargo, Lebowski, NCFOM) but absolutely a top ten for '08 considering a guy like me who is lucky if he saw 10 new movies this year.

09. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE- Have not seen it, heard good things.

08. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS- I don't know. Drugs are bad M'kay.

07. MILK-Want to see it.

06. THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON-Didn't want to see it, but the good reviews have peeked my interest.

05. BROTHERS BLOOM-Not out until May 09 why is it on this list?

04. WALL*E-We own it so like all kid movies I am sick of it.

03. THE WRESTLER-I can't wait to see it.

02. THE DARK KNIGHT-Seen it twice, awesome.

01. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN-A swedish vampire movie! Very interested.


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