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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Obama '08

Obama continues to be my favorite candidate for '08, even-though I find all the hoopla with Oprah to be a little too nauseating. However, Barack Obama is the most honest in regards to what needs to be done to fix the mess we are in. I am not comfortable with Hillary because I don't think she will fix our broken trade policies and 20+ years of Bush Clinton Bush Clinton does not sound like a democracy at all. I also like Obama's idea to remove the social security tax cap. People who make more than one million a year only pay social security tax on first 90 thousand. Corporations only share seven percent of the tax burden, before the Reagan era they payed 50%. Most of that load has been shifted on the middle and lower classes. People who make their money from stock dividends only pay 15% taxes while those who work for a living have the highest tax rate. I would like to hear more from Obama on securing the middle class and breaking up the huge monopolies that have risen over the past thirty years. The fact that only five companies control 90% of media in this country is scary. Obama does not need to make appearances with Oprah. Although right-wingers do the same kind of showboating with radical religious leaders and organizations, we do not need the Democratic party doing the same with celebrities.
I believe Obama's message can stand on its own.

From Raw Story

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has lost a twenty-point lead in New Hampshire and is in a statistical dead-heat with Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) in two new polls.

A joint poll between New Hampshire station WMUR and CNN has Clinton and Obama in a statistical tie at 31 and 30 percent respectively.

"According to the latest WMUR/CNN poll, Hillary Clinton's 20-point lead has vanished. She now has 31 percent support, with Barack Obama in a statistical tie at 30 percent," the writers said. "John Edwards is third with 16 percent, and Bill Richardson has slipped slightly to 7 percent.

"The poll was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center over the weekend, the poll added. "Oprah Winfrey held a rally for Obama on Sunday, and it might have given him a bounce, analysts said."

In a second poll released Wednesday, Obama leads by three percent, a statistical tie.

Rasmussen: "The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone poll in the state finds Barack Obama with support from 31% of Likely Primary Voters while Hillary Clinton has earned the vote from 28%. Two weeks ago, Clinton had a seven-point lead in New Hampshire. A month ago, she was up by ten percentage points.

In Iowa, a third Rasmussen poll released today shows Clinton up by just three points over Obama.


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