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Monday, December 10, 2007

I Don't Heart Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is moving up in many of the primary poles. I find him to be one of the more shallow and backward thinking candidates. In 1992 he made some written statements about AIDS that displayed a surprising lack of knowledge on the disease and fostered damaging mythes about the virus that were, at the time, a decade old. The statements were just as medically and historically incorrect in 1992 as they are now. I was a sophomore in high school in 1992 and based on Governor Huckabee's own words, my peers and I had a better understanding of the AIDs virus. I imagine this is still true today. Huckabee has close ties the the Southern Baptist Convention with which he shares faulty views on evolution and women's rights aswell. I say no thank you.

FromMedia Matters:


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