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Friday, December 07, 2007

A Load of Mitt

There is not suppose to be a religious test for individuals seeking public office. I have watched many of the debates this year, both Democratic and Republican and instead of focusing on real issues, time is often wasted on identifying each candidates religious beliefs. It is inappropriate for an employer to inquire about a potential employee's religious beliefs, and the same should be said for anyone seeking any public office. I do not like Mitt Romney because of his political views and the fact the he is not above bashing his own state of Massachusetts in order to win the GOP primary. He has shed the more moderate or 'liberal" ideals to appeal to the Christian conservatives, most who do not view Mormonism as a Christian religion. Anyone who votes should be more concerned about an candidates interpretation of the Constitution then there understanding of any religious text. Mitt will never receive the evangelical vote because he does not believe in "Jesus" the "right way." In fact most evangelical leaders will tell you Mitt Romney and all Mormons do not even believe in the "real Jesus". I can feel for Mitt in this regard, as an Orthodox Christian I was told many times that my faith in Christ was false too, even-though it predated any protestant version by about fifteen hundred years. But what a bunch of malarky that we are giving any time to this debate about faith in politics. How often I heard people state they voted for Bush because he is a "Christian" if not "he is someone I would like to have a beer with." If Bush is the model, this country can not afford another "man of faith".
In his speech yesterday, Romney inferred that all religions are relevant in America and his only mention of non-believers was "It is as if they're intent on establishing a new religion in America – the religion of secularism. They're wrong." Bill Bennett was spewing this same lie on CNN today as well. The truth is our government is secular and must continue to be so if real democracy and freedom is to survive. The religious conservatives love to tout that Christians, and by Christians they mean fundamentalist Christians, are being persecuted. If its true that "Secular Humanism" rules our land, how come an Atheist does not have a snowball's chance in Hell if he or she ran for President. Non-believers have just as much a role, a part, and a right in our country as anyone else who believes or pretends too. Despite any shallow slogan, there are atheists in the foxholes, but Mitt makes it sound as if only those of faith are significant Americans.
I will be voting for a President next November, not a Pastor.


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