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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sick of Bush and His Blood Thirsty Supporters.

Today over 100 Iraqi civilians were killed in two separate bombings. Over 34,000 died from sectarian violence in 2006. The monthly average for Iraqi deaths is now 3000, as many U.S. Troops have died since the beginning of this misbegotten invasion and dysfunctional occupation. Last Thursday Glen Beck was whining to Tony Snow (on CNN Headline News) about the fact that Bush has not yet invaded Iran. The two of them seemed as giddy as school boys at the prospect of another war. Worse the GOP and the corporate media puppets continue to push the line that 'failure is not an option' and wag their finders at the Democratic party and other critics of the occupation.
Failure is not an option? The fact is we failed along time ago. Prompt withdrawal is our only option because our President is out of control, insane and his Iraq fiasco is far beyond disrepair.

It failed when Bush used lies and deceptive reports to build his case against Saddam.

It failed when Bush kicked out the weapon inspectors.

It failed when the corporate media rolled on its back and did ask any hard questions. (If the media had put as much effort investigating the reasons Bush gave for going to war with Iraq as they did investigating a blow job in the late 1990's we may have avoided this altogether.)

It failed when Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld refused to listen to Generals and other experts who told them that more troops would be needed for the occupation.

It failed when Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld refused to listen to every right minded person who could foresee this was going to be a titanic mistake.

It failed when we did not guard the real weapons caches that the Bush Administration was warned 'would supply an insurgency for a decade'.

It failed when the Iraqi government and army were prematurely dissolved.

It failed when the looting was allowed.

It failed when we employed Halliburton and Black Water mercenaries to do the work of the military and the Iraqi people.

It failed when torture was used on detainees

It failed when the execution of Saddam turned into a revenge killing.

It succeeded in diverting the U.S. from finding Osama Bin Laden.

It succeeded in destroying the image and reputation of the U.S.

I hate it when Bush keeps repeating his mantra that it will be a disaster if we leave. How arrogant.
Bush needs to leave. It is time to call for Impeachment. The Democratic party needs to begin investigating each and every failure and unwarranted action of the Bush Administration. I believe if this is done enough will come to light for these criminals to be removed. Even if Impeachment is not possible, procedures need to begin in order to restore our country and begin protecting our future. If this is not done, I fear Bush will soon engage in another ill planned war.


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