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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hillary Hate

Now that campaign '08 has officially started the knee jerk reactions of Hillary Clinton haters is also in full swing. That Hillary Clinton who is so evil she tried to start universal health care in this country. Sham, shame, shame! The blogospere is already filling up with posts littered with dusted off insults and stereotypes from the early 90's. It makes me nostalgic for those Grandville Michigan, Christian right, anti-Clinton hate orgies that I used to witness on a daily basis. I do not think Hillary Clinton is a saint, or the best choice for '08. It is too early to make any conclusions about her as the next president. However, an honest look at Hillary Clinton does not reveal a 'Radical Leftist', She is a moderate Democrat, just like her husband. The most primitive and predictable smear being tossed around is that Hillary Clinton is a Femi-Nazi; a term that trivializes the Holocaust and demeans women at the same time. 'Femi-Nazi' is a regurgitated Rush Limbaugh device, most recently Rush has been busy minimizing Parkinson's' disease and calling people 'Halfricans', but I am sure he will come up with some new low-brow words for Hillary. It will be entertaining to watch the haters foam at the mouth.


At January 27, 2007, Anonymous Peter said...

i hope she just gives up. she is a really annoying,flip-floping,worst choice in 08' bitch. she should die of ganarieaha and burn in hell.

your blog is gay.


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