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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Attorney General Gonzalez

From Crooks and Liars

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was a busy man today. First, he delivered a speech before the American Enterprise Institute explaining why he believes the judiciary is unfit to rule on anti-terrorism policies, then he sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee outlining how the controversial domestic spying program will now be overseen exclusively by the secret FISA court, and then we learn the White House and DoJ are using a using a shady provision of the Patriot Act to remove ten Senate-confirmed US attorneys they fear may prosecute overzealously.

....More evidence that the Bush administration does not believe in the separation of powers, or respects the establishment of our three branches of our government. He was also unable to address clearly why and how (legally) the U.S. should be using the CIA to investigate domestic affairs and why did the administration suddenly change their five year long illegal wiretapping program.

The hearing got little to no television coverage.


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