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Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Mess With Texas Churche$

I sent this email to High Point Church, a Texas Mega-Church that recently canceled a memorial service for a Gulf War I vet. I realize that I wrote the email as if the solder had died in this current occupation. And if he had do you think the Church would have acted differently?

Here is the story link: Texas megachurch cancels gay Navy veteran's memorial service

Mega-churches have no problem taking government bribes to spread and support neo-conservatism, they will push for ignorance, hate, and more bloodshed in the name of Jesus and his (n)ever-near return, they neglect real issues like the environment and poverty, they exploit the fears of the elderly and the vulnerability of youth, they and the rest of the "Christian" Right were, and continue to be, a huge cheerleader for a war founded on untruths,...but have a memorial service for a gay man who could have died serving our country in that same war? No, that would be an endorsement of something wrong. We can't have that. Its Wrong!!!
I am a married heterosexual male with children. I refuse to buy into the lie that gays are the biggest (let alone any) threat to my family. That being said does not mean that any Church has to accept any type of family or sexual orientation, but canceling a memorial service for a soldier just because he was gay, that is not Christian but it is being Texan, I suppose.

Here is another unrelated story involving Texas and a Faith Based Program: Pastor accused of dragging girl behind his van


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