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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pearl Jam Storytellers

For the first time in ages I watch a music performance on a music television station. I consider Pearl Jam to be the greatest band to come out of the nineties. I appreciate socially conscience music and Pear Jam never fails to deliver. During the program Eddie Vedder compared the song Betterman, a song about domestic violence, to the abusive nature of Bush, Congress, and Big Business. Vedder makes the observation that the the people most supportive of Bush are the ones most adversely affected by his policies. Just like a women who continues to stay in an abusive relationship
Anyhow the music and storytelling was more than satisfying. When they showed shots of the audience, I was thinking "who are all these old farts." I don't know what happened to all those young folks, like me, who loved Pearl Jam fifteen years ago.

Here ar my top Five PJ Albums.

1. Yield (1998)
2. Ten (1991)
3. Pearl Jam (2006)
4. Vitalogy (1994)
5. No Code (1996)

Also Wikipedia has a incorrect entry about the meaning of the song Alive. Someone should edit that.


At July 02, 2006, Blogger Freddy-Fan said...

I caught this last night. . .it was really good. Do you know any links to Eddie’s rendition of “Here’s to the State?” I’ve been trying to find his lyrics to post on my blog, but can't find any.


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