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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gitmo News and Flag Burning

I am actually tired of blogging about politics but there is so much going on in the news. The Supreme Court surprisingly gave me a glimmer of hope with their recent decision on military tribunals for the Guantanamo Bay. In a 5-3 decision the Court stated that the president's commissions at Gitmo violate law of war and exceed Bush's legal authority. Why after five years have we not had a trail for these prisoners. After five years in absolute confinement. No access to their lawyers, no charges, no justice. It appears that we have not even ascertained who the majority of these prisoners are and if they even have any connection to Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, this administration has a very poor track record in finding appropriate links and evidence.
This court case does not even cover the rumored secret prisons in other countries. With my satellite radio I am able to listen to many democratic European nation broadcasts. Very often the words "United States of America" is followed with "Illegal Activities".
Meanwhile in the States the big story is Star Jones has left the View! All while the Republicans play politics with the war, the solders and the flag.
Here are some real facts from Think Progress
– Flag burning is a non-problem: As Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT) has said, “I don’t want to amend the Constitution to solve a non-problem. People are not burning the flag.” One study found just 45 reported incidents in the over 200 years between 1777 and 1989, when the Flag Protection Act was first passed.

– Flag burning is protected speech: The Supreme Court has twice ruled that destruction of the flag for political purposes, although highly offensive to most Americans, is undeniably a political statement and a political expression.

– Amendment is vaguely worded: The amendment is “phrased in such broad and vague language” that it could could include censorship of images of the flag in works of art, advertising, or commerce. Last week, the Senate spent time debating whether “wearing a very skimpy bathing suit” decorated with the flag’s stars and stripes would constitute desecration.

I do not know where this quote originated, but I think it sums everything up well.


At June 30, 2006, Blogger Freddy-Fan said...

I haven't blogged in awhile. . .I've been too busy. Plus, I think I out did myself creating all those blogs, so I got rid of most of them. I had too many blogs and too little time.


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