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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home of Dick DeVos: Amoral Scam Artist

Here are some exerps fom a great artical posted at Michigan Liberal

Turns out there's hope for the Detroit News after all! As I theorized, yesterday's Amway Guy puff piece was in fact a prelude to some day 2 coverage that is - shall we say - LESS than flattering to Mr. DeVos the younger. Here's one of today's DN articles. Here's the other. They're absolutely required reading.

Good heavens, look at that $2.6 million house! Apparently the DN rented an aircraft of some kind in order to snap that picture! Whoo-wee! The Governor's mansion is a broken-down ghetto compared to that place.

The house picture is great, but IMHO, even better is that - for the first time in 2006 - a Michigan paper has broached the subject of Amway itself:
Robert FitzPatrick, a North Carolina business consultant who has studied multilevel marketing companies, says the case should be reopened. "Amway and its clones are ravaging huge numbers of people every year with this story that they have this special system for earning income," FitzPatrick said. He said the company had to go global to survive because it had worn out its welcome in the U.S. "The actual result: 99 percent of all who sign up and pay their money to distribute products don't make a profit and 80 percent of its products are bought by company salespeople and never resold," FitzPatrick said.
But wait, there's more...
"There is systematic fraud. Amway has been promoted as having no downside and potential of generating a six-figure income, but it has almost a 100 percent loss rate for recruits," he (former high-level Amway distributor Eric Scheibeler) said. Scheibeler says he and his wife "left the company about $100,000 in debt. There are people all across Michigan who have lost between $5,000 and $60,000."
99% of Amway/Alticor "distributors" never turn a profit, the company has been the subject of Dateline and 60 Minutes exposés, there exist "MLM survivor" groups, the guy who wrote the federal RICO statute has - under oath - compared Amway to THE MAFIA...and all of this is the work of A FEW disgruntled people?


At July 09, 2006, Blogger Rachel said...

A little anecdote from one of my classes:

Woman: "So you're from Grand Rapids? What do you think of Dick Devos? I was thinking of volunteering for his campaign."

Me: "Well, he's a contentious figure in G.R. I mean, his company is basically just a big pyramid scheme."

Woman: "Wait, I thought he was in manufacturing. What does Amway sell anyway?"

Me: "Home products."

Woman: "You mean, like furniture?"

Me: "No, like vitamins and soap."

Woman (disappointed): So Amway doesn't make anything?"

Me: "No, not really. Listen, Google "Dateline Amway expose" and watch the program. They talk about how Amway people really earn their money."

Just goes to show what those stupid campaign commercials can do. And this from a woman in a graduate program!

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