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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Morning Rant

While the GOP continues to congratulate themselves on how patriotic they are, things continue to fall apart in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have never seen such a do nothing congress during such a perilous time. It is hard to accept that a majority of America can be easily distracted by the GOP's focus on superficial wedge issues such as flag burning, marriage amendments, and English as a national language. None of these issues have any value or bering to the future of the nation. The Republicans like to shout about "family values" but they are a party of "empty values." We should be more concerned about the marriage of "Church and State" and the corrupt union of War and Oil. There is currently no oversight on blbleightant war profiteering or the war in general. Since Bush took office the branch of government that is suppose to regulate and scrutinize the executive branch has instead become an extension of the executive branch.
The Democrats need to grow a spine and stop trying to appease both-sides on every issue. It is useless to reach out to a single minded demographic that will never vote for a "liberal." The Dems have been told for so long that they do not have the "moral high-ground" that they now appear to believe it. For decades the far right has been shouting about how wrong the left is. Reality and facts our on our side, its time we start shouting back.


At June 18, 2006, Blogger crallspace said...

Amen a thousand times!

Today's Republican is morally bankrupt... Today's democrat is one big pussy! (another sticker idea)


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