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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Three Cavies Killed at Potter Park Zoo

I took this photo last May at Potter Park Zoo. One of my favorite animals there are the Patagonian cavies. They are large nervous rodents that resemble a cross between a rabbit and a tiny deer. Two stray dogs, at least one of them a full bread pit bull, killed three of these creatures and left one injured.
I know people who have had pit bulls as pets and never had a violent mishap or attack. I do know the pit bull is a favorite pet of drug dealers and many are used in illegal dog fighting. Now it appears we have them wandering the Lansing area. The article in the Lansing State Journal did not provide info on weather the dogs were captured or if animal control will be on the hunt. I hope they find who is responsible for these dogs but I'm guessing they were abandoned for some time.
No offense to people who like pit bulls, but I think those dogs suck.


At June 25, 2006, Anonymous Cathy said...

If the owners of these dogs, pit bulls or not, were responsible for them, this would never have happened. As the owner of a pit, I understand that they have a high prey drive and cannot be left on their own. Punish the owners,NOT the dogs!!!

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