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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An Open Response to My Friend Jay.

Check out the latest post on The Freddy Factor. Dr. Rapelje, one of my best friends and the most discerning person I ever met in college (other than my wife), just requested that I start my own MySpace Page. I approach MySpace with apprehension. Other than the people I know personally, the majority of My Space appear to be perverts or preteens. I am also very sensitive and would be totally crushed if I was rejected from someone's profile. Also there is a side of my that is an arrogant asshole. I feel so superior with my Blog and all my blogging, compared to all those xanga and mypage losers. I mean get a life! Just kidding everyone knows I check ohtwothirteenseventysix everyday because I need to know if Jeremy listened to a CD today and what he thinking about doing for fun on a week night. Mostly just because I can not remember what bachelor life was like, and I may someday chose to assume his identity.
By the way I love that video of MC5. It would be nice to spread my rage to the pages of MySpace, but I sure would hate to neglect the old S&T.
I thought you might like to know, Jay, that Sam still loves that fishbowl you got him, It was one of his first toys and he still plays with it.
Good Luck on the Dissertation. I'm betting it will be the best dissertation in the history of forever.


At July 22, 2006, Blogger Freddy-Fan said...

Thanks for the kind words, Nick.

You're right, Myspace is loaded with "perverts and preteens," but I think you would like all the band pages and searching for new music. However, I guess you don't need to create a Myspace page in order to do that. That's really the only reason I use Myspace. Well, that and to keep in touch with my niece.

I apologize once again that Laura and I are unable to come and see the new homestead. We’ll get there sooner or later. . .hopefully before gas reaches $5 a gallon.

PS - I'm not a Dr. yet, but hope to be in December.

At December 13, 2017, Blogger Coco Love said...

I realize that nothing is fair but I'm still trying. I just want to do my best and what is possible


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