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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dobson's Fear & Loathing Campaign Part I

I see Palin was interviewed on Focus on the Family. Whenever there is a good old fashion Christian smear campaign going on, James Dobson is not afraid to get his hands dirty. According to Palin and Dobson, not only is Obama 'not like us' real americans, and a socialist that pals around with terrorists, but it is against God's will for him to become the next president. Dobson has also been notorious for blacklisting those in the GOP that do not promote his version of theocratic nationalism as reported below.

How James Dobson Drove Colin Powell From The GOP
By Max Blumenthal

After Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press, Sarah Palin was interviewed by Christian right leader James Dobson on his Focus on the Family radio show. Though Palin did not mention Powell, she attacked Obama as a socialist by referencing his now famous encounter with Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher.
"Joe the Plumber, you gotta hand it to him," Palin told Dobson. "He's the one who got finally Barack Obama to say what he'd do with redistributing wealth and raising taxes. And Joe the Plumber said that certainly sounds like socialism to him, and I appreciate Joe having the boldness to get out there and ask the question."
Powell's endorsement and Palin's appearance on Dobson's show are not entirely unconnected. Dobson has long been one of the banes of Powell's political life, and the right's warm embrace of Palin is part of what drove Powell away from McCain.

When Powell endorsed Obama, he offered a litany of factors, from Obama's "transformational" potential to "steadiness." But Powell, a military man and self-described "Rockefeller Republican," also declared his disappointment with the "rightward shift" in the Republican Party.

There is a little understood, rancorous subplot behind this vague remark: Powell's war with the religious right. That conflict began years before the current presidential campaign and, if Powell plays a role in an Obama administration, will almost certainly extend beyond it.

Over a decade ago, when General Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, emerged as the Republican Party's most popular figure, James Dobson targeted him, fearing his political ascendancy might spell doom for the party's anti-abortion wing. Dobson's tactics ranged from threatening conservative movement leaders who dared to praise Powell's political potential, to devoting an entire broadcast of his top-rated radio show to attacking Powell's advocacy of condom use. Dobson and his minions laid the groundwork for Powell's castigation from the Republican Party. Yet by helping to force Powell into the wilderness, Dobson may have also provoked his momentous act of political vengeance....

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