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Friday, October 17, 2008

Proposal 2 Discussion Group in Grand Rapids

This month Dr. Merritt Taylor, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Grand Valley State University, will be presenting on “CURRENT ISSUES IN EMBRYONIC, TISSUE-SPECIFIC, AND ADULT STEM CELL RESEARCH: THE SCIENCE AND PROPOSAL 2.”

About Our Presenter:
Professor Taylor served as research fellow in Sean Morrison’s lab at the Center for Stem Cell Biology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Michigan before joining the GVSU Biomedical Sciences faculty in 2007. Dr. Taylor and his undergraduate researchers are working to determine how neural stem cells differentiate into specific cell types during development. In particular, Taylor’s lab is using mouse and chick models to determine which downstream effectors and co-regulators of Rbpsuh are responsible for stem cell differentiation into glia cells.

The Science Cafe meets on the third Tuesday of each month. A science cafe is a place where “anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology.” The format usually will involve a speaker who will briefly introduce the subject (15-20 minutes) followed by discussion (30-45 minutes or even longer). It is an opportunity for citizens to become better informed about advances in science and technology and the numerous issues these advances raise for society. Citizens expect to listen and participate in a conversation while in a cafe. The aim of the science cafe is to bring science into conversation and make the conversation more meaningful for our culture. There are more than 200 science cafes/cafe scientifiques throughout the world including one in Muskegon and one in Lansing. More information concerning science cafes can be found at

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