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Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Night at C.O. Brown Stadium.

My friend and co-worker Becky was able to get us these tickets to the Obama Biden rally last night. Because we had these tickets we got to wait in a much smaller line. We decided to take Adele, with us, now eight months old she was the center of attention of those waiting with us. I learned if you bring a baby to a crowd of liberals be prepared to be given several opinions on what to do and how to do it. Like her mother and brother, Adele's face gets very red when she is outside on a warm day. Despite us all having sunscreen on, and applying more on while we waited, people still voiced their concerns that she was sunburn. One lady even tried to give Adele some gatorade from the bottle lid. I am sure whatever we were subjecting our child too, was not as risky as her sampling some Frost Glacier Freeze. Staff told us repeatedly as they visited the line that we could bring our diaper bag, people in line still said 'I don't think you can bring that'. I should not to be hard on them though, they did find us shade and let us get back in our original place in line. Also talking with others who are informed and interested in current events and politics did make the hour and a half of waiting easier.

Once inside the old stadium, Adele was in the shad and entertained by older kids sitting behind us. She never cried once during the whole event, people were shocked how good and patient she was. We did bring tons of water and milk. She now has bragging rights over her big brother, especially if Obama becomes the next President.

Uncle Peter found a spot in front and never left until after it was all over. He is the one in red right in front between two straw-hats (you will have to click on the photo to see. If not for our tickets provided by Becky, he would not have been there or have been able to shake any hands with the candidates. In this photo Mark Schauer is giving a speech and making a joke with a cereal box, we where in Battle Creek home of Kellogg's. Schauer is running against Tim Walberg in district seven, Anne and I both work in areas that Tim (miss)serves. Walberg has been against even the most basic social programs for children, and run a dirty camataign against a moderated republican encumbant back in the '06 primary.

It was hard to get a clear photo once the presidential candidates took stage. As you can see the heavens really did open up.

I know many people comment that all candidates are the same, and voting is stupid or ineffective. Those who have held the majority of power over the past twenty years don't want everyone to vote. Conservative leaders have even said it publicly. Obama and the democrats have real ideas that have been proven to work in regards to making this country strong again. Obama has also energized many to get much more involved and it that continues whit him as president, we will see progress. Government can work, but only if we all take responsibility for it. If we whine and do nothing we will soon not have the option to take control.


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