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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fox News and Jerome Corsi, living in the past

By Eric Boehlert
at Media Matters

Almost exactly four years after it allowed Swift Boat author John O'Neill to libel Kerry, Fox News presented its White House campaign sequel. It welcomed O'Neill's Swift Boat writing partner, Jerome Corsi, to publicize his new attack book, The Obama Nation. Laying out his fever-swamp allegations about Obama's drug use and his supposed connections to Islam, Corsi enjoyed the type of national exposure, courtesy of Fox News, that every author craves. But in terms of affecting the race, in terms of gumming up the works for the Obama campaign, the book has so far been a bust. What happened? How did a sure-fire follow-up hit turn into such a trouble-plagued production? And why isn't Fox News' Swift Boat formula working? READ MORE


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