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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Martian Ice

Scientists find ice on Mars


NASA scientists yesterday said they had found ice on Mars -- a step towards finding evidence of life.

Sharp new images received from their Phoenix lander convinced scientists that the spacecraft's thrusters had uncovered a large patch of ice just below the Martian surface, team members said.

That bodes well for the mission's main goal of digging for ice that can be tested for evidence of organic compounds that are the chemical building blocks of life.

Ice on mars! You know what that means, when the astronaughts get there they can make Tang snow cones. I do find Mars amazing. Speaking of Amazing this weekend has been great, got the family back together, had some Udon at the Sushi place last night, we got a flat tire but my AAA took care of it, can't imagine what kind of damage I would have done if I tried to do it myself, as I can not figure out how to remove these new fancy hubcaps. Took Sam to the park, energy is so wasted on the youth, its true, but it is fun to watch him have such a great time outdoors. Adele is almost able to turn over, and is sleeping through the night in her own room. My friend Derry called on his way to the D.C. Mall to play kickball. Thats just cool to think about. Making tons of plans for this summer, the gas prices suck but it won't stop us. It is crazy that it is June already, 2008 is moving fast. Hope everyone is have a great weekend too.


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