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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Most Useless Items of Crapola

Olivia Zaleski blogs this week about unneeded merchandise for Americans to consume. Weather its a pill for your legs or a flag for your SUV we are ever ready to consume whatever we are told we need or want. Check out the list of 10 items soon to be clogging landfills once they lose their short lived hype. My favorite of Zaleski's selection below.

The Baby Wipes Warmer

"The baby industry capitalizes on the deepest fears of new and nervous parents. Certainly your baby will be uncomfortable, unhappy and will hate you for life if you do not wipe its bum with a warm wipey. This particular model ensures that it won't dehydrate the wipes, 'as leading wipe warmers tend to do.' You know what else won't dry out the wipes? Not using a wipe warmer".


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