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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dentist and Stuff.

Sam had his first trip to the dentist today. He did great and no cavities. He sat in that chair and was not frightened at all. He is really cool with haircuts too, I think he likes all that attention.
I went on iTunes today and bought some new songs. I know it is destroying the concept of an album, but I think it is more fun to buy $15 dollars on many various artists rather than all on one band or artist. I think I made a pretty good mix and willing to mail anyone a copy if they are interested. Just be patient because I have to send other people promised stuff too. Here are the tunes I purchased today in the order I like to play them. I am a music snob and I rock!

1. Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio/The Ramones
2. Moneymaker/Rilo Kiley
3. Seeds and Stems Again Blues/Comander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
4. Here Comes a City/The Go-Betweens
5. Rollin' Tumblin' (Remix)/R.L. Burnside
6. The Invasion/Burning Spear
7. Hounds of Love(New Mix)/The Futureheads
8. Sweet Troubled Soul/Stellastarr*
9. Under Pressure/David Bowie & Queen
10. Superstition/Stevie Wonder
11. Where Is My Mind?/Pixies
12. The Weeping Song/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
13. 19th Nervous Breakdown/The Rolling Stones
14. Clambake/Elvis Presley

Also here is a photo I took of a bug's shed exoskeleton, fooling around with photoshop last weekend I made it look like a electron photograph.


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