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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rush Limbaugh: Still a Cold Hearted Prick.

I make no apology for name calling. Not after Rush Limbaugh continues to vilify the motives of Michael J. Fox and make light of such a disease as Parkinson's. I have never claimed to be an expert on any subject, but I have had the privilege to work with individuals living with Parkinson's. I have seen people so paralyzed that even a normally involuntary act such as blinking takes immense concentration. I have also seen the effects of the medication, which is what causes the tremors that are often seen with people ho have the disease such as Michael J. Fox.
The place I grew up adored this Right Wing Bully. Often I would hear his sexist and racial tirades on the radio, and on a short lived television show were he hosted an audience of automaton 'ditto heads.' Once on his show he compared Chelsea Clinton to a dog. She was thirteen at the time, but a fair target for Limbaugh.
Like Rush, like many talking heads on the Right, continue to push this lie that there is this "infallible victimhood" when it come to activism on the left. Instead of taking a critical look ones message or issue, they take the easy route and attack the messenger. Weather it is victims of terminal diseases or 9/11 widows, the Conservative Propaganda Machine draws no boundaries. With little grasp of understaning complicated and important issues, Rush and his ilk can only prop up the only issue that matters to them tax cuts for the uber wealthy, and they are willing to step on anyone who gets in their way.


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