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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Departed

I escaped with my brother-in-law to see The Departed. Anne is not a fan of gangster or violent movies so it is probably good that she passed on The Departed which I found to be high in blood, guts and guns- even for a Marten Scorsese film. It was Tarentino level violence but with classic Scorsese storytelling and realism. Where many action or crime movies fail to build or maintain suspense, The Departed is triumphant. Jack Nicholson is scary, easily on a par with his role as Jack Torrence in the Shinning. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon give worthy performances. While Scorsese is famous for gangster films, The Departed, has more of a Shakespearian tragedy feeling to it. The are a few scenes that seem more shocking than necessary. I did not get tired of hearing the Rolling Stone's song Gimme Shelter over and over, it fits, but others may get annoyed. However it is more than worth your 6 or 10 bucks. Definitely worth owning when it comes out on DVD.


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