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Monday, October 02, 2006

Grandholm/Devos Debate

I (of course) think Granholm won the debate. I hate how DeVos enunciates every sentence as if it is a question. "I'm Dick DeVos? I am for real change? These kind of attacks are disappointing?" It would truly be a disaster if anyone affiliated with such a dubious company like Amway became Michigan's next governor. Yes, I do have a problem with Amway, it is a pyramid scheme that takes advantage of disenfranchised people. It is a franchise built on the backs of the disenfranchised. Check out Michlibfor a breakdown of the debate. I was also "disappointed" with that muskrat look a like commentator that kept berating Grandholm over the Ten Commandments (mindless wedge issue) after she answered the question three times. Just ask the question Herr Muskrat, this is a debate not an interrogation.


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